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About our business

What would you like to know? We are one of the East of England’s leading research agencies. Well-established and versed in many disparate market sectors and diverse audience profiles. We have an insatiable curiosity, are expert in quantitative and qualitative research, big on quality control and hot on service standards. We are a close-knit team, based in Norwich and passionate about what we do, and what our clients do too.

Insight Track has a strong marketing pedigree, reflecting the skills and experience of the team; and we know that it is the consequences of research that matters, not just the research per se. And that is reflected in our name, alluding to the competitive advantage our clients gain from acting on insightful research…

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes (Author & Physician)

Inside Track

A position of advantage – Oxford English Dictionary


The capacity of understanding hidden truths (esp. of character or situations) – Oxford English Dictionary


Make out a course or development – Oxford English Dictionary

Insight Track

The course of sustained advantage enjoyed by organisations armed with an understanding of their customers, markets and operating environments – Will Herschel-Shorland, Founder, InsightTrack