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What we do

By engaging market research ‘to put people in the picture’ we support clients in successfully achieving organisational goals and realising ‘value’ that otherwise might have remained untapped. Our services are widely used in areas such as…

“Know how to listen and you will profit even from those who talk badly”

– Plutarch, Greek Philosopher

Product/service development

Understanding fundamental customer drivers of satisfaction, motivations to purchase, applications and expectations for new product and service development.

Brand development

Providing insights into brand awareness, perceptions and associated values, to develop relevantly differentiated brands in increasingly cluttered markets

Motivation and behavioural research

Understanding people’s motivations and behaviours towards ideas, concepts, products, services, organisations, brands and beyond

Customer experience

Gathering first-hand feedback from customers to ensure organisations are meeting expectations and delighting customers at all touchpoints

Attitude and perception research

Understanding people’s attitudes towards, and perceptions of ideas, concepts, products, services, organisations, brands and beyond

Website usability

Optimising website content, navigation and usability with feedback about online user behaviour and experience

Customer segmentation

Profiling and analysis to segment audiences into meaningful collective communities for effective marketing, service delivery and business planning purposes

Stakeholder feedback

Understanding and leveraging the frequently complex interplay of stakeholder perspectives upon organisational performance and reputation

Employee satisfaction

Ensuring that employees are given the opportunity to have their say in realising their own ambitions and are fully engaged in achieving their organisation’s objectives

Advertising development

Gaining insights into awareness, perception, impact and interpretation of existing and new advertising concepts to connect with increasingly marketing-savvy target audiences

Mystery shopping

Grass roots feedback on the actual customer experience at point of service or product delivery – extending across all ‘customer’ touchpoints with an organisation and its brand

Market tracking

Benchmarking on-going performance of an organisation, and its competitors’, in ever more rapidly changing markets to ensure competitive edge is maintained

PR (Public Relations)

Sourcing audience opinion and perceptions to support PR activities with stories and editorial creatively fuelled by insight and underpinned by robust facts and stats.

Public Consultation

Engaging with the general public and/or specific audience groups in respect to perception, opinion and perceived impacts relating to public of privately funded plans and actions

‘A la carte’ research consultancy

Bespoke assignments to support clients with specific elements of a wider research process such as questionnaire design, recruitment, data capture or analysis